Friday, 13 April 2012

Listen To "Painting Flowers" For A Title

Date Written: April 13th, 2012
Date Posted: April 13th, 2012
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So… this week, in terms of writing;
I feel like I've done nothing and feel like I've felt everything.

For one; I’ve recently become obsessed with Nathan Bransford’s blog. I mean, I’ve been reading it for a while, but all of a sudden I feel the need to devour it whole. I feel so different after reading something he writes. I truly feel like his posts have helped me.
Secondly; if anyone says anything about creativity, I’m immediately on alert. I listen as though they’re saying it about writing specifically and how to be a better writer and I think to myself, “this person’s totally right.”

Example: yesterday, I went on a trip for Drama class to see a play (The Prisoner of Tehran, which was so good, by the way. I had goose-bumps all throughout and nearly cried a couple of times) and the person holding the workshop before it started was talking about interpretations and I just thought wow, because it was really wow, even though I’m sure she didn’t mean it to be wow.
Third; we read the poem Words by Venus Khoury-Ghata in English class, and it talks about the destructive power of words and I just want to tack bits and pieces of the poem to my bedroom wall because it’s all so wonderful and beautiful and terrifying and I love it.

Fourth; as you can see, I’m currently listening to Painting Flowers by All Time Low and

I don’t know why, because I’ve heard this song a million times before but suddenly it’s completely different, like I’m hearing it in a different… sound wave? I don’t know, but it’s suddenly so amazing.
I’m in a really weird mood where it feels as though everything’s spiritual and reflective and golden and I don’t even know. But yeah – just expect me to have something to report next Friday on the progress of my novel, which I’m sure will have actually progressed (especially in comparison to the last little while).

Also – should I put up some of my writing? I’m working on summaries for my stories to post on here if anyone wants to read, but does anyone want to actually read an excerpt of something I’ve written? Let me know.
-          May :)

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  1. HEY GIRL THAT I'VE TOTALLY BEEN MISSING OUT ON. I love how insightful you've become recently ;) Really though, I think this is a really valid and valuable part of the writing process. Your subconscious is thinking of your writing even when you're not doing it and that'll help in the long run with not just the actual book/story/skit/whatever but your actual style and outlook. YAY incubation! :)

    Even though I've probably already read it.
    I'll read it again.
    and again
    and again
    and again...