Friday, 27 April 2012

Ahead Is Another Weekend Of Accomplishing Nothing

Date Written: April 27th, 2012
Date Posted: April 27th, 2012
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So, promise not to tell my friend Nova something?
This week, I cheated on my deadline work. Instead of working on it, I worked on another one of my books. I didn’t even get like, a page done, because there’s a major plot point introduced at the beginning of it that I kept going back and forth between, but I figured it out.
In addition, I’ve recently gotten back into my love of Castle. It’s definitely one of my favourite shows, even if season four has a lot more emphasis on Castle and Beckett’s relationship. But seriously – a writer who solves murders? My TV dream come true. I’m currently on “Pandora” (4x15)… This is a reminder as to why I love this show so much. And I might be finishing Psych off this weekend, too. (I don’t how, but I might.)
Lastly, I was hoping to work on my checklist this weekend. Seeing as I have a presentation Monday, a test Tuesday, another presentation that could be Monday or Tuesday, and an entire book to read by Tuesday, checklist work is not happening. Maybe it’s like Psych, where I’ll magically get it done. Or maybe I’ll get something done on Wednesday? We’ll see.
-          May :) 


  1. Hahahahaha I am SO telling Nova ;) She's going to murder you, May!

    And aww, Castle. I haven't watched that in like forever. I always end up losing interest in shows and Castle was just starting to bore me a bit. I want to watch Psych but seeing as I have about 50 shows I also want to/have agreed to watch, maybe I should hold off on it a bit.

    NOOOO. When you say book to be read by Tuesday, you don't mean Three Day Road, do you? DOES THAT HAVE TO BE READ BY TUESDAY? *panic attack*


    1. I should leave you to your panic attack just because you're telling Nova. *Pouts*

      ... Except you know I can't do that. Yes, I mean Three Day Road. No, we don't have to have it read until next week. I just wanted her to check over my thesis statement. But I can't exactly have one when I haven't read all the books.

      Yeah, the beginning of season 4 was pretty uneventful in terms of the fact that *every* episode had a mention of Castle and Beckett's relationship. But the latter half was much better in that aspect. (PANDORA, LINCHPIN, 47 SECONDS. Those were all SO SO SO GOOD. So was Once Upon A Crime, but I think I'm biased because I like Meghan Markle.)

      And maybe you should. But please note that when you do get around to watching it, Shawn and Gus are going to be one of your favourite bromances EVER. And have you caught up with Once Upon A Time yet?

      Oh and please don't tell Nova because you know she will end me for cheating.

      - May :)



      (But what's a captcha, exactly?)

      - May :)