About Me


So, I’m May. I’m female, I live in Canada, I’m sixteen, and I’m in high school. I actually kind of like doing homework, just because I currently don’t get a lot. But if you give it a few months, I’m sure that’s subject to change. I also like listening to music (mostly pop-punk and pop-rock), and I personally feel it’s very helpful when trying to be creative.

I write and I write and I write because it is my life’s goal and I love it to bits and pieces and I am currently looking to get published.

But, you know, I should probably finish writing a novel first. I’m working on that, I swear. If you’d like to see what I’m working on, I’ll have up summaries of books I’m working on soon enough.

I also like to scrapbook. Well, I like to say I scrapbook. Otherwise people ask me what I like and I go off about writing; I personally feel that I should look like I have some other hobbies.

(… No matter how untrue that is.)

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