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How I Celebrate The End Of This Week

Date Written: May 25th, 2012
Date Posted: May 25th, 2012
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So, I just went through one of the most stressful weeks of my life (not including exam time, of course. That’s a whole other category on its own), and this is because of my English seminar on the book Three Day Road.
Let’s just say that I will permanently refer to it as The Awesome Train Wreck.

So, how do I plan on celebrating my freedom?
I watched the premiere of the third season of Rookie Blue. I’m going to finish one of the books I borrowed from the library yesterday. (YES I WAS AT THE LIBRARY AND BORROWED A BOOK. HUZZAH.)  (However, there will be no afternoon nap that goes into tomorrow like I planned and told everyone. Oh well, at least I’m being productive.) The rest of my weekend, there will be more reading. There will be writing. There will be homework. Visiting my cousin for her birthday is very likely to be sneaking its way in there, as will Digimon.

Oh. And there’s this for you guys:


I couldn’t speak. The idea of it shocked me thoroughly. I looked at him, probably gaping like a fish, but I really couldn’t help it. I needed him to repeat what he just said. I had to know it was real, that it wasn’t some sick joke he was playing on me.
“I’m sorry. You do what?” I asked incredulously.

“We throw insults at each other,” Landen said, eyeing me skeptically. He obviously didn’t expect me to be reacting the way I was. After a moment, he added, “You know… when we’re all feeling stressed out and stuff.”
“And it helps?”

Landen looked thoughtful. “Well, it is entertaining. And it’s pretty much the only time Hayley’s ever mean. So, are you in?”
He looked at me as though it was no big deal, but I could see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. No, I did not think it made him look more adorable than he generally was, and immediately blocked out any thoughts that would evidence otherwise.

After all, it may not have been true, but I didn’t need the boy getting any ideas.
I thought about his offer for a moment and sighed. Oh, what the heck? I figured.

“I’m in,” I said resignedly. I was sure I wasn’t going to enjoy this. Landen processed my answer for a moment. Then a grin stretched entirely over his face as though he were the Cheshire cat, making my suspicions even more prominent.
I also thought I saw his eyes brighten up a bit, but I decided I’d only imagined that part.

“Come on,” he said, gently pulling on my hand and leading me to the living room. I forced myself to keep my thoughts at bay. They may not have been inappropriate, but I certainly didn't want him hearing them. Though I don’t think he would have noticed if he somehow did. He was now visibly excited, speaking a mile a minute as he explained what usually went on.

“You’ll just say a different insult to each of us,” Landen said, “And try to be creative, because we generally pick at the end. Don’t be scared about hurting our feelings – none of us really ever mean what we say. And then there’s… Mia? Are you okay?”

Oh, I was better than okay. The second Landen had uttered the words be creative, I’d stopped paying attention and all doubts I’d been having about this slipped away.

Creative, I could do. After all, how many of the others in the room knew how to insult in Shakespearean terms?


Voila. Now you’ll all know I’m not completely talentless. Or maybe I am and you all have proof. Either way, I finally got around to that writing excerpt.
Have a good weekend everyone!

-          May :)
P.S. I don’t know why part of it shows up a different colour. It’s just odd like that.

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