Friday, 9 March 2012

Breaking Hearts Has Never Looked So Cool

Written: March 7th, 2012
Posted: March 9th, 2012
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I’m like… a whole bunch of wild, crazy, frenzied emotions right now.
(I’m also a very dramatic person, if you haven’t noticed.)

But yeah; firstly, I’m sad.
On Saturday, I wrote an e-mail to the person who first inspired me to write. Now, I’d e-mailed her before, when I was ten. And I did it again when I was thirteen. Both times, I checked my e-mail the next day to see if she replied and she had.

It’s been four days.


Two of my friends both asked me if she was dead, which freaks me out because ohmygosh what is she is?! Or what if she doesn’t remember who I am and thinks I’m crazy or what if she does remember and is majorly creeped out by me and hates me AND OHMYGOSH WHAT IF SHE’S A MIX OF ALL THESE THINGS AND
*Hyperventilates like [name shall be inserted when I know what to refer to him]*

So yeah – that’s made me sad.

Secondly, I have news.

On Tuesday, Sonia mentioned I hadn’t posted since last Friday, and my friend with the YouTube addiction (who shall be referred to as “The Notorious One”… or Nova, because that’s okay with her as well, since it kind of reminds us all of “supernova” and really… there’s only so many times I’d want to write The Notorious One before I decide to never mention her again. But yeah, Nova…) said that maybe I should do a very regular blog-posting schedule. I’d already considered this, and we’d both said I should do it every Friday so –

Expect a post every Friday. :)

(I’ve also decided that when I can’t think of a creative or even remotely clever title, I’m going to just use a lyric from what I’m currently listening to. That sounds like a plan!)
Thirdly, I’m excited.

This is because in Writer’s Club (which is the club of pure amazing and is just so cool that it’s highly exclusive and there’s like, this giant waiting list of people who want to join but will never be able to because they’re just not worthy enough of possessing that sort of awesomeness), we’re going to do our first assignment! … I doubt anyone but Kiryn AKA Supernatural Shadow and I are going to do it, but I can hope. (But, you know, I do liked to be surprised… hint hint to members who may be reading this.)


(Speaking of writing, I wrote six hundred words from Sunday to Tuesday. It’s not all that impressive, but it’s something, and I think it was quite a well-written page.)
So really, that’s all there is to report right now. It’s shorter than last time! I’m getting better with the length of my posts!
-          May :)

(P.S. for anyone who’s wondering – [name shall be inserted when I know what to refer to him] is a friend of mine and that part will be edited it out when I know what to call him over the internet. Don’t think it’s some random person who actually had that name or something...)


  1. Nice post

    I think we sould tell nova and him that they sould do their assignments because you mentioned them :P

    1. Haha, I think we should. But remember, it's not mandatory, so it's okay if they don't. And what I say of WC is true, correct? LOL.

      - May :)